26 May 2011

Americano at Cafe del Sol, Boracay

After that amazing omelet and great coffee find at Real Coffee, we had just a few hours left before flying out of Boracay, our white sunny, white sand, clear sea haven for the last 3 days. I thought I was done with coffee, but after all the shopping and sunbathing there was just this one more stop I wanted to make. Cafe del Sol. We'd passed that conveniently-located cafe so many times, whiffing the inviting aroma along the way, it would be a shame to not even have a taste of their coffee.

Although all the pastries looked so delectable, I could still feel my breakfast, so I opted to pass. What could they have that I couldn't get in Manila, anyway?

So coffee it was going to be, and coffee it was... I ordered an Americano, thinking I could sit outside and bask in the sunshine one last time, but all the tables were filled, so I plopped down the comfy two-seater couch at this one and only table inside the place to take a breather before heading back to the resort for a quick nap before packing up.
I ordered an Americano to-go, just in case we didn't find a seat.
My coffee, creamed-up.

While not the best I've tasted while on this particular vacation, their coffee had the right strength, flavor, and temp. I liked it enough to linger and enjoy, Ok, those are three sharp moves this place has made, and it's no wonder they're a hit in station 2.  Too bad I was leaving soon after.  I love Boracay, and I'm glad Cafe del Sol does, too *wink*

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