24 May 2011

Early Morning Americano at Esspressamente Illy, NAIA Domestic Airport Lounge

We were at the relatively new NAIA Domestic Airport, having already checked in at a little past 5am, with about a couple of hours' wait till our flight out to Boracay for our little holiday at the beach. Probably still in that illy mode (or was it mere coincidence?), I chose to have my early morning brew at esspressamente illy among all the other cafes and restaurants (chai cofi, Mrs. Fields', Cinnabon, etc.) lined up at the departure lounge.

I had a muffin to go with my Americano, and wifi to help while the time away. It was an exciting trip, the first without the kids for the hubby and myself since our honeymoon, so it was important that nothing spoiled the trip, especially this early.  

We had fun waiting, even if the comfy chairs and tables had some crumbs and water rings from the guests waiting before us. Maybe it was the reason we were there, maybe it was the company I was with, or it could have been the rare early morning cup, but it was good coffee; they did not disappoint; esspressamente illy just won some more stars from me.

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