25 June 2010

Coffee Chemistry

You have to find something good out of every potentially traumatic experience. A hospital visit. A trip to the supermarket. No? Try going on a payday, during holidays, or to high-traffic ones like Landmark Supermarket at Trinoma.

What good can wipe out the bad from grocery shopping there on a bad day? Coffee. Make that, coffee to the rescue! Do I sound like I'm madly addicted to coffee? There's comfort and strength to get from a no-nonsense dose of caffeine before reviewing your grocery list, or after that harrowing experience of lining up and paying for your essentials. Relatively low prices alone aren't enough reason to venture into a supermarket when it's crowded.

A few steps from Landmark Supermarket at Trinoma's basement is the refreshing and welcome sight of Coffee Chemistry's counter. Yes, there are no easy chairs and couches, just the fast food area's typical fixed swivel-y hard dining sets. But easy chairs and couches aren't what you're on that floor for anyway, right?

Coffee Chemistry uses the siphoning technique to give us three of their specialty brews: Morning Blend for a kick, Afternoon Medley to cap a meal, and Midnight Express to savour the goodness of coffee. If I recall, those would translate to strong, medium, and mild, respectively. I've tried all three -- at separate times -- and they're all good AND affordable at P39.00. Good enough for my purpose there. I have yet to try their iced and blended offerings.

If you are, indeed, at that particular mall for your daily essentials, it's a treat not to have to walk to the nearest cafe, which would be crowded anyway. I hope enough people patronize the place so the gem of their coffee would always be a comforting prospect to associate with grocery shopping at Landmark Trinoma.

True, there are cafes near my other grocery faves like Unimart in Greenhills, outside nearly every Rustan's supermarket (but of course), but this one just leaps right out of the fast food melee calling out to you, and I, for one, can't say no to trying something new and not regretting it.