24 July 2010

All coffees at Travel Cafe

This cafe has been in Greenbelt 5, Makati, for some time now, but I only got the chance to try their coffee when I had a meeting there early this year. I've been back several times after that.

An initiative of the Department of Tourism, the cafe promotes the Philippines through coffee. They also promote and serve organically grown Fair Trade Philippine Coffee as their core beverage (so it says on the leaflet). How Filipino do they get? Their white walls are actually stamped with Baybayin, our ancestors' alphabet.

They have a choice of local coffees, including the Civet coffee, I was told.  I've tried the three basic -- Mount Matutum, Cordillera (both Arabica), and Premium Barako Blend (Liberica-Arabica). They are all very good and impressively served in a coffee press that comes with a sand timer in their earthenware set -- tray, cup, saucer, milk cup, sugar bowl, etc. -- and a cookie. My favorite has to be the Cordillera.

The place is relaxing, with a choice of low and relaxing tables and chairs, higher sets, warm lighting, and muted music. It doesn't get very noisy, even when bustling with customers. I will definitely suggest this cafe for my next meetings in the area or when taking a break from shopping, so I can have their coffee and yummy Pinoy desserts -- try the quezo de bola cheesecake and the suman with tsokolate -- again and again.

21 July 2010

Old Manila restaurant, the Peninsula Manila

Because the popular hotel Lobby is a popular hangout with excellent options for coffee , and options for lunch, merienda, and post-night-out chilling or sobering up,