02 November 2012

A dose of coffeenspiration, please!

It's been some time since my last post, but definitely not very long since my last coffee. I've been uninspired for some reason or another. For my other blog, it's simply because I've been very busy and lost my discipline to put in a paragraph or two every so often. For this coffee blog, upon reflection, I have several excuses:

  1. I've had mostly starbucks coffee. Nothing new, so I felt, what's there to share?
  2. I've lost the motivation to share.
  3. I felt a bit of a complex as a coffee lover. Who am I to say I love coffee when I was reduced to gulping down several cups of 3-in-1 instant coffees at home? How can I say I love coffee when I have the one and only drip coffeemaker left for my grains? How can I explore the wonders of coffee at home when I choose to buy a pair of shoes over a new coffeemaker?
  4. It got easier to share via twitter, FB, pinterest, etc.

Ok, that should explain my absence from javajiving.

From this point on, 3-in-1 or brewed, homemade espresso or coffee-out, I will share in any way I can, and I will begin with pics I've saved in my computer folders (in no particular order) over the past several months of my bloglessness.

Swensen's, a fave sundae, fried chicken, & steak go-to in Singaporeis now in Eastwood City Mall. They serve good coffee:)  
Happy to be java jiving again :)

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