25 May 2011

Espresso at Lemon Cafe, Station 2, Boracay

It rained on our second evening in Boracay. Fortunately, we were done with our early evening dinner of tapas and wine at Dos Mestizos, and were going around just getting a vibe of the cultural mix and commercialization of what is today's Boracay beach front, hunting for some items to take home to the fam, when it poured. Even more fortunately, it was just a 15-minute interruption of the idyllic evening stroll.

To stay under a roof, we decided to stop for a coffee, choosing the closest uniquely Boracay coffee place we could find, and that was at Lemon Cafe at D'Mall on Station 2 (the most commercial clustering in the most populated among the island's stations).

The place carries Danesi coffee, and I chose the first item on their bev list... the espresso. It was very strong, of course, but very welcome during that short damp period.

Although the pastries looked inviting, we opted not to try out any, since we wanted to relish the sensations from our tapas experience earlier that evening.  There was quite a melee when the rain began, with people running for cover, parties breaking up, and groups suddenly texting each other for every member's whereabouts. It wasn't a very pretty sight, so I took another shot of the place early next morning.

Nice and bright. Next time, on a better day, with people in better moods, I will have another coffee in Lemon Cafe.

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