21 May 2010

UCC brews

The UCC House Blend

A good number of my clients and siblings like dining in UCC restaurants and cafes, so I've had several opportunities to enjoy their coffee. Because their coffee is relatively expensive for the regular-sized cup they come in, especially if you're having a meal as well, I've stuck to the basics. 

They have the "light" UCC House Blend at P109.00, their "moderate" UCC Blend at P139.00, and their strong brew, Sumiyaki, at P169.00. All three are are siphoned -- within full view at the beverage counter -- and watching them prepare the coffee makes you just a wee bit more excited to have a taste. As promised, these variants are "full bodied coffee with perfect levels of acidity, aroma, and smooth flavor intensity". 

They use the siphon method and serve it freshly-made.

I've gone back several times, even on my own, of course, and even tried having a second and third cup when I had to hang out with a book once. I was coffee-solved for the day *tremors*, haha.

Nothing like lingering in a cafe with a coffee buddy like my sis.

14 May 2010

Exotic Blend Coffee, Greenbean Organic Coffee Co.

It's no longer a treat to get good coffee in hospital premises, and that is really super. For years, I've had to take those from vending machines, mostly Nescafe and even more of instant concoctions from the canteens and cafeterias. But good hospitals know how much good coffee is appreciated, if not by patients, then by their companions. 

I discovered GreenBean Organic Coffee at the ground flr of St. Luke's Medical Center CHBC in Q.C. The coffee is good enough, and certainly a lot better than instant or brewed but sitting for hours in some hospital restaurants. Their coffee -- Exotic Blend and Organic Decaf -- is imported from the Irving Farm Coffee Co. in NY, U.S.A., and served always freshly brewed, hot or ice blended, with creamer, milk, or soya. Your choice.

I just think it's so appropriate to have organic stuff in a place promoting wellness. Bravo to Dr. Bunagan who I was told owns the coffee station. How about going all the way and serving the coffee in recycled paper cups?

I tried the iced version, too.