30 April 2008

Chai Latte, The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf

Speaking of Chai, this is one of my all-time comfort drinks. I first got to experience this drink over 4 years ago when I was doing my research for an article on teas for Cathy Babao's Me Mag. The TCB&TL peeps were so helpful and very generously treated me to a cup of this hot, rich, creamy and foamy concoction of steeped black tea with vanilla cream powder, and 14 spices -- cinnamon, cloves, anise, nutmeg (I think?), etc. 

It was love at first sip. That very first taste took me back to Christmases past, cold and rainy nights, comfort after a heartbreak, tete-a-tetes with my late grandmother before the sun came up. It was probably the eggnog-y flavor, or the vanilla, but it was definitely magical.

This is as close as this coffee drinker can get to a glass of warm milk. I turn to this beverage everytime I need a dose of caffeine with a heart.

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