15 April 2008

Grande Soy Caramel Macchiato, Starbucks

Like I said, I planned on having another one of this refreshing iced drink variant, and I did... more than once, in fact.

The most recent one was last weekend, and I decided, as it was a really hot sluggish afternoon, to get a bigger size -- grande, I believe. I took my time with this one to enjoy the flavor, the chill -- no brain freeze with iced drinks! --, and the caffeine fix. What a way to snap out of my near-slumber state!

I was able to appreciate how -- and I had to hold back a bit -- if I allow the caramel that tops the drink to melt slowly through the ice and, swirling, blend with the black espresso, there won't be that adjustment of the straw as you try to hit the right level for the (a) sweet vanilla syrup (which, on its own reminds me of paracetamol syrup) with some bitter coffee with creamy soy milk, (b) colder, watered down bitter vanilla-flavored coffee with creamy soy milk, and (c) sweet sticky caramel. Once actually allowed to combine, and having been chilled by the ice as well, it becomes the perfect coffee drink for a hot day. 

And because I got a larger cup, there was more of this delicious thirst quencher and more buzz. Fabness!

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