09 April 2008

Brewed Coffee, Energy Lounge

Energy Lounge is on 4L, Crossroads Bldg.
Mo. Ignacia Ave., Quezon City, Phil.

Very strong, just the way I want coffee before my workout. I need coffee before hitting the gym because it gives me the boost of energy to begin my workout, and, as I learned from one of the reading materials posted in the gym on the same floor (Planet Infinity), having a cup at that specific time helps burn fat while doing the resistance and cardio exercises.

To help contrast the strong flavor -- or to complement it -- each cup of brew is served with a yummy, melt-in-your-mouth snow cookie. Just one, though, so it's safe. I choose to have it with a packet of creamer, (oops) which makes it just right for me. 

Fifty bucks a cup; super worth it. I see some people water their coffees down, so it's like a cup and a half for the same price. Other fab reasons to enjoy this coffee in this resto-lounge are, I get to (a) go online to surf, work, answer email, or chat -- wifi access comes free with anything you order, (b) read from of their selection of well-looked after fitness books, magazines, and daily broadsheets, or (c) watch a fave show on any of their 4 (if I remember right) TV sets.

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