05 April 2008

3-in-1 instant coffee, Pan de Manila's Cafe con Leche

As far as 3-in-1 coffees go, this is very good -- creamy and not very sweet. I discovered this on the shelves of the friendly neighborhood pan de sal place. I'll be happy to settle for this mix when there's no brewed coffee available. In our home, in spite of the many coffeemakers on the counter, the instant 3-in-1 varieties are a frequent choice over washing the different, sometimes delicate, components of a coffeemaker. Just boil some water, then voila! A taste (if not the same buzz) of coffee. Coffee helps wake me up. I am often nearly catatonic when I feel the need for coffee, so these are the times when instant works. Unfortunately, you'll be needing the buzz in -- you guessed it -- an instant as well.

P9.00 for each sachet. Not bad.

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