01 May 2008

Authentic Green Tea, Celestial Seasonings

Who could ignore the word, "authentic", apart from the unique packaging -- ancient chinese man, etc., when choosing from racks of an array of brands of this healthy beverage du jour? It just says, "choose me, pick me, love me!", so very much like Meredith Grey. Of course I fall for it almost every time.

Seriously, I first heard of this brand of teas from my sister who let me have a cup of their sleepy time tea (camomile, I guess) during one of her visits from the U.S. It tasted so good, and really almost instantly got me to chill, I assumed their green tea had to be good too. And it is. Take a whiff before you sip. It smells really fresh and pure. Almost like the L'Occitane green tea scent.

I have to borrow the copy on the box to give you an idea of how good it is: "... tastes smooth from the first sip to the last swallow. Its fresh flavour whispers of the moment when a new day first dawns, alive with invigorating sunlight and clean air. The gentle touch of our Authentic Green Tea makes taking care of yourself a pleasure." I wouldn't get so poetic, but it does take you places.

I love that it helps burn fat as well. That's the 'taking care of yourself' part that each cup makes more pleasurable. Having four cups of green tea a day to make it an effective fat burner, I don't mind so much, because it's one of the best green teas I've ever had. It's one of my top two supermarket-bought brands among the many I've tried. 

The best thing is the not-so-fine print close to the bottom of the box -- "contains caffeine". That just about cinches it for me.

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