15 May 2013

Coffees and Bars

A lot of things happen in bars. Many times (well, till the advent of mobile phone cameras and social networks), what happens in bars ought to stay in bars. But, these places do churn out happy AND inebriated peeps more often than not. So a coffee list, or even just one coffee in the beverage list should stand proud among the happy drinks. Get the happy people sobered up a bit and rehydrated. Water and coffee should be the "one for the road" of choice. In an ideal world, that is.

Some bars are in that ideal world. I've had some of the best-tasting coffees, freshly-ground and out of pro espresso machines or served in french presses in bars. Saves you the trip to an open Starbucks or settling for a nearby 7-11 for a quick pick-me-up before the drive home. Yep. And here's a toast to them and some pics of those I've had in the recent past. I'll be adding more to these after I find those mobile phone photos :)

Fred's Revolucion in Cubao X

Mandarin Hotel, Manila

Buddha Bar, Makati

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