31 December 2012

More to come!

Here's to another year of coffee loving and java jiving. Praying and wishing for more and better times to stop a bit, take stock of what's happened and what's to come, what could've gone better and what more can be done, and just being grateful for being alive (and for coffee)!
Vietnamese Coffee,
Cocktales in Trinoma Mall (same floor as Topshop/Topman)

Exotic coffee, pressed in Fred's Revoluccion Bar (CubaoX)

Barako/House Brew at KKK (Mega Mall/MOA)

PS Cafe, Paragon Mall, Orchard Rd., Singapore

Ya Kun Kaya Toast Kopi C, Takashimaya, Orchard Road, Singapore

Brewed Coffee, Mom & Tina's, Regis, Katipunan Rd.  

Toast Box Kopi, Greenbelt 5/Trinoma Mall

Brewed Coffee, Dulcinea

Brewed Coffee, a stall in Universal Studios Theme Park, Sentosa, Singapore

Brewed Coffee, Fely J's, Greenbelt 5

Brewed Coffee, UNO, Scout Fuentabella near cr. Tomas Morato, Q.C.

Americano, Marco Polo Hong Kong, Canton Road, Kowloon, HK

Brewed Coffee, Mandarin Hotel, Manila

Kopi, Orchard Road (restaurant), Mega Mall

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