15 May 2013

Singapore Coffee Shorts

So I was lucky enough to visit Singapore again - 2 summers in a row. This time I was with my entire family and more.

(hubby + 4 kids + 2 sisters-in-law)

This time, it was a shorter visit. I expected to have fun, but with eight of us on this trip, I felt coffee was needed more than wine or something stronger to make the most of our brief vacation. I started on the plane.

Well, what do you know? Ordered one on each flight.
Coffee is consistently good on Singapore Airlines :)

This time, also, I knew better than to have a lot of their kopi laced with evaporated or condensed milk. My stomach didn't like the traditional brew much, I discovered almost too late the last time. I did need my shot of caffeine more than the usual, though, so I  bought a pack of what became one of my top fabulous discoveries: Owl Kopi-O. Authentic Straits Asian Coffee. The pack contained a lot of packets.

2-in-1 Coffee bags!
 Not powdered, and it tasted like it was brewed.

Just like the brewed version, it was strong, dense, but delicious. Nothing that will make hair grow on your chest. It was so good, I went to get another pack to take home. Then I saw another variant: Owl's White Coffee Tarik in Hazelnut.

It's 3-in-1and powdered. Delicious just the same.

Thick, creamy, sweetened just right.
The hazelnut flavor was so deliciously distinct.

I should've made a run for more of these to take home, but we had to be on time for our van to take us to Changi Airport. Singaporeans are so strict about time. At least now I know what to hoard the next time I go to the Lion City :)

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