30 December 2012

Regular Coffee at Katsu Cafe

The Loyola Heights area was unusually quiet the past evenings, the typical groups from the residential and academic communities absent. It was close to New Year's Eve, so of course there was none of the activity and noise generated from several schools that line the area, no students milling in favorite hangouts and restaurants, and very minimal panic and/or last-minute buying by residents at the supermarkets and drugstores. This is how it is during Holiday breaks in an area that's mostly filled with learning institutions and young family residences, more than offices. 

It would normally be a challenge to decide where to eat since many of the small restaurants around would be filled, so it was also strange that with the choices of near-empty ones, it still was a challenge.

Katsu Cafe was convenient and inviting, so we decided to have our dinner there. An added treat was not needing to go around the long stretch of Katipunan Rd. just to get to the supermarket (our real destination), which was just a few tens of meters on foot.

The place is cozy, food's very good - Katsu, Donburi, Curried sets that came with soup, some greens, unlimited rice (a must if a dining business operates around the school areas), beers, cold teas, and the deliciously comforting house hot tea - and the staff minimal but efficient AND friendly.  The real bonus for me that night was the very good coffee.

It says Cafe, so they had to have coffee... right?

Designed and supplied by Boyd Coffee, Philippines, and made in an impressive coffee maker, they couldn't and shouldn't go wrong. Nothing better than a restaurant that has good coffee.

Regular Coffee, P60.00!

Katsu Cafe is located a few steps away from Xocolat on B. Gonzales St. near the corner of Katipunan Rd where Bo's Coffee stands.

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