30 December 2012

Grande Reserve Malongo Coffee at Borough

Borough is a restaurant we've always planned on trying out. I believe it's been around for a couple of years, tucked into a corner of the Podium Mall's ground floor. You'd have to seek it out. In the evenings, though, its side door invites late night urban crawlers (or call center peeps, which I guess the side door, open long after the mall closes, was designed for) to unwind or have a one-for-the-road drink if not something warm to prepare for a long drive home. We haven't been going to that particular mall a lot the past months, so we just never got around to doing it.

So I had this opportunity to check it out when an assigned interview was held there the last weekend before Christmas. Since we were set-up in the closed-off 2nd level section of the restaurant (off-peak afternoon hours), I just had to content myself with enjoying the warm interiors, especially the dark green walls filled with framed pictures of anything and everything (I didn't have time to figure out if there was a theme, if it was all about NYC, since it was called Borough, something I associate with the state), and..

... a cup of coffee, and thought to myself that I would try out the food if I was still there close to dinner.

Loved the coffee selection and the coffee did not disappoint. I've heard good and bad reviews of this place, but based on the coffee, which was true to what was promised in the menu, I'm excited to go back and try out their food and more of the coffees in their menu. 

I needed to get out of Ortigas Center before the Holiday rush traffic got really bad, so the food taste test will happen on my next visit, which is all set for the 2nd week of January. Looking forward!

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