07 May 2008

House Brew, Cravings

Took a short trip down memory lane when we decided to have some dessert and coffee in Cravings along Katipunan Ave., Loyola Heights, instead of Starbucks in the next block. Had their famous choco caramel cake and mini cheesecakes, too. There was a time when theirs would be one of the best places for coffee. With the mushrooming of international and new local coffee places around, there's just too many to compare it with, and, in my opinion, Cravings coffee hasn't evolved.

It was ok, not like those you'd pay good money for even if they're as dense as mud, turning slightly grey when you add creamer or milk, and threatening to bring out your chest hairs because they've been sitting in the pot for over 30 minutes. Knowing that they're no fast food joint, and that they maintain some quality because they run a leading culinary school after all, I'm sure the coffee was freshly brewed if not from freshly ground beans. But it wasn't great.

Unfortunately, considering there weren't too many people in the resto during our visit, the coffee took too long to arrive, and wasn't as hot as I expected it to be.

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