08 May 2008

Brewed Coffee, Seattle's Best


We were hoping to get a relatively quiet coffee break, so we chose to go to Seattle's Best along Katipunan Rd, Loyola Heights, Q.C. 

If a place's regular or basic coffee is good, the rest can't be all bad, right? That's why I try to stick to the basic brew before graduating to the flavored, spiced, chilled, iced, blended, and whatever else variants. Being one of the few times I visited Seattle's Best, I opted for their basic brewed coffee, which their barista told me was richer than the Americano. It was good, slightly bitter, but true to their promise. Went really well with their sansrival. Fab combination, plus I got the caffeine fix I needed for a gloomy, cloudy afternoon. 

Unfortunately, three out of five times we spent at Seattle's Best are tied to horrible experiences with the food and the parking arrangements -- no need for that in this coffee review -- , so I don't get too much of a thrill thinking about their coffee. I try to keep an open mind, though, so who knows? I just might get myself to try their other variants

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