07 November 2012

Americano at Chez Karine

It's probably been there for some months now, but I only had the pleasure of enjoying a cup of their wonderful coffee recently. A few steps away from sweet tooth-fave Cupcakes by Sonja, it was a delightful surprise that stirred my coffee desire, if I may call it that.

I came from a heavy lunch with the hubby, and even with just under 2 hours to spare (which I decided on spending in FullyBooked and/or Muji in the next mall complex), I needed a cup of coffee to break me out of lunch heaven. Their very charming, simple (meaning not rustic/shabby-chic cliche cafe) but inviting store facade called out to me, and I couldn't resist a few minutes (or more) inside the promise of a cool, airy, bright place to have my afternoon's dose. So in I went.
The seating area outside? That's the majority of it.
Inside, one would have to battle with a huge group to get any one of the 6 bar stools by the "bar". 

Upon entering, I got a whiff of javaroma, then the temptation from a whole glass display case of pastries to the right, but what got me and what could probably get you, should you be wary from hours of shopping or drowsy from a long, heavy meal - is a huge board with their Coffee list. A welcome sight.

Priced just right, I think.
Running through the list, I chose an Americano, which I loved. Coming from an espresso machine, it was hot enough, had enough froth, and after a sip, didn't disappoint. I believe that once a coffee place's basic coffee is good, there will always be another time to have a dressed-up one. So the rest of the coffees on their list, plus some pastries, of course, if I deserve it, will have its time. Can't wait :)

Post-sip verdict: Very Good Coffee!
Gotta try the Royal Puddings or Panna Cottas next visit.  Soon.

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