02 March 2011

Brewed Coffee, Sugarhouse

Sugarhouse, an old favorite since college, counted among the four places where my coffee love - ok, and habit - was developed, is still very much around. Although now reduced to a fraction of what it used to enjoy in floor space, you can still count on a Sugarhouse for their French Apple Pie (one of the best I ever had) and other fab desserts to have with their good old dependable coffee.

I know it's still around because I automatically do a quick salute every time I see one, which is mostly at Eastwood, Mega Mall (now just a small, walk-in with a few tables), and the Power Plant mall at Rockwell. I have to confess, though, that it's been some time since I actually entered and enjoyed anything in any of their branches. Sugarhouse is getting lost among the mushrooming and more du jour cafes people just want to try out, get to love, or love to be seen in.

Fortunately, last Sunday at the Power Plant, we just had time to do some "important" post-lunch shopping and a have quick coffee break before heading to our weekly dinner at my parents'. With the mall's usual family crowd, Starbucks, Figaro, and TCBTL were not options, so we kept going till our tired feet and our craving for apple pie (my own craving was for coffee, period) led us to their now smaller and cozier Cafe Sugarhouse in the mall's level P1 food court.

Man, the apple pie was soooo good, i had to watch myself. Oh, and we didn't stop with that, we also got a slice of their New York cheesecake, and loved it, too. And, of course, coffee. Aaahhhh. Just in time and just the right strength for that particular time of the day in a bustling food court. They serve full-bodied, mildly dense Danesi coffee, steaming and freshly-made per cup.  I need to make a mental note to visit more often. Sugarhouse should not fade away. Nothing as comforting as a good-old, good-old coffee place.

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