26 February 2011

House Brew, Banapple

My husband and I finally made a stop at this pastry shop that had grown from a small four-table affair to the entire 2-storey quaint structure you can't miss: a bright crayola-ish looking country cottage that has cars slowing down, fighting for parking space, and often, settling for leaving their vehicle in a second lane, on a very busy avenue. I thought the novelty would wear off, but it hasn't. 

That's what good baking can do. People swear by their banana cream pie. I love their cheesecake and apple pie. And these pastries are turned them into the traffic monster on Katipunan Avenue in the Blue Ridge area.

We were so hungry because it was way past the lunch hour, and we thought, might as well join those going gaga over Banapple. Much to our surprise, people were still enjoying lunch entrees that were large enough to share (and that's what most of them did... share), and had a slice or two of their cakes & pies waiting temptingly. We didn't know what to try first. Very good and filling comfort food, dessert, and of course, coffee. All reasonable priced.

Unfortunately, although the apple pie my husband and I shared was very good, the coffee was too strong and bold (more like bitter) for me -- and it wasn't an espresso; it was a full cup of brewed coffee, probably Americano. I finished an entire little cup of milk, added sugar, and watered it down twice. On top of that, the wait and food prep staff didn't know what kind of coffee it was, except that it was freshly ground roasted coffee beans.  I couldn't believe that they could have such good food, such a following, and coffee that was too bitter to enjoy. Could I have just come on a bad day? Probably, and I should make sure, so I'll visit again for weekend brunch with the kids soon, and get another taste.

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