05 February 2011

Cafe Americano at Blenz Coffee

I've started going back to Mega Mall after years of avoiding trips there. I hate the noise, the crowds, and the length I have to walk to get from one side to the other, on several floors. I mean, what if whatever you went to shop for or purchase happens to be at one end, and the other store you had to visit at the other?!

Then they opened that area at the center called the Mega Atrium, where many good restaurants and shops are, on all 4 upper floors (meaning excluding the basement), tucked away from the general melee. Strategically located at the opening of those pockets of wonder are cafes, one on each floor. Since Forever21, the Gap, Mango, Aldo, Promod, All Flipflops, etc., my favorite fashion haunts are on the 2nd level, I would always see this relatively new coffee shop:  Blenz (Canadian Coffee). It was always full, no matter what time I'd be in the area, so I thought, "hmm, must be good coffee."

So I finally tried hanging out at the place and sampling their coffee, and I wished my expectations weren't so high. Upon placing my order I already began to wonder why these people patronized the place. The baristas didn't make any eye contact and seemed a bit impatient when I asked for recommendations and explanations about their coffees. She had to consult a superior, who seemed like he couldn't care less. Hmm. And to think they had all this pride in their barista training.

Then I got my coffee, and it smelled so good. Oh, and a free table in spite of the crowd. Hopes went up! I started to get comfy and took out my book, ready for a nice hour at least, but the coffee kept spilling from between the rim and the lid *tsk*. It spilled so much, in fact, that I decided to drink my coffee without the lid. And yet more coffee bled on my next paper towels; I figured it had to be a leak in the cup. I asked the barista for a replacement; she put my cup into a fresh one and replaced the older lid. Still... coffee kept dripping. 

Ask help from the barista again? Never mind. She didn't look like she wanted to hear what was wrong and busied herself with arranging stuff far into the other end of the counter. 

The coffee was good, no doubt; actually, good enough for you to skip the escalator ride up to TCBTL, or another flight up to Starbucks, or venture even higher to Bo's Coffee Club. But perhaps the most obvious reason for the consistent crowd would more likely be the free Wifi and the enclosed smoking area. I mean, where's the next exit if you wanted a smoke with your coffee, right? On both ends of the long expanse of each floor. So there! 

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