06 November 2009

House Brew, Cravings

I had the opportunity to try the coffee at Cravings again, this time during an interview over brunch. Without mentioning my previous bad experience and that I review coffees I get to taste, I ordered the basic brew. It was steaming, it smelled fantastic, and tasted really good. I just needed to get a refill to find out if it was a fluke. 

Nope, Cravings coffee as I remember it -- prior to my bad experience last year -- is as good as ever. My bad experience before was probably the fluke.

One more fab update is CCA, the school owned by the same group, just opened a branch in Eastwood, where they offer the same culinary programs, and -- ta-dah! -- food writing and coffee courses! Worth checking out, and definitely good news for me. 

What can I say -- I'm easy to please :))

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