07 November 2009

Brewed Coffee and Cappuccino, Mary Grace Cafe

Not once, in all the hours I've spent at Mary Grace Cafe -- for a meeting or to drop in to pass the time or take a break at any -- was never disappointed with the coffee. The brew is rich, bold, and flavorful -- such a comfort.

Each place is cozy in a country-homey way, even if their tables are  a bit too closely-spaced (that's not why it's cozy). I can't complain about the service. The wait staff is well-trained, friendly, and solicitous. Well, orders could come a little quicker, but who's in a hurry? The pastry? They all go fabulously with the coffees. Go for the apple pie -- one of the best I've tasted -- the rich ensaymadas and the signature melt-in-your-mouth cheese rolls. The sansrival is a bit on the sweet side, so I can get my fix elsewhere.

If there should ever be a day that you couldn't take another coffee, you should try their hot chocolate. Rich, dark, and so good for your soul.

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