07 November 2008

Smooth brew, Krispy Kreme

I'm not a doughnut person, but once in a while, I figure, what the heck, if I have just one, all that sugar, grease, and white flour can't kill me. I can even enjoy it, especially if I have just one and most definitely when it comes with good coffee. 

Krispy Kreme has this Arabica blend that is freshly brewed, quite strong, but very good. They call it, "smooth". It so makes up for all the sugar in even just their regular glazed donut. I was told that they use a robusta for their decaf, so either way, you get good coffee to complement your donut.

I thought the day would never come for me to visit a Krispy Kreme branch more than once a year, but, well, it has come. Because of their full-bodied, freshly brewed coffee. Now the challenge will be staying away from their donuts, because you need something to complement the strong brew. *sigh*... chicken and egg. 

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