15 April 2011

Cafe Americano, Banapple

I got a couple more opportunities to go back to Banapple: first for their main dish menu items, which looked so temptingly delicious on other people's tables, we swore we would go back for a sampling (verdict: very good home-style comfort food!). Then earlier today today, right after an invigorating Thai massage, I had a few minutes to spare before heading home, and just couldn't resist a cup of coffee in what was just next door -- Banapple's original restaurant before they "grew". I just had to.

I ordered an Americano, which I was hoping to pair with their oh-so-creamy and so huge chicken pie (a to-share one, this chicken pie), having missed lunch a few hours before.

I got a banana-walnut muffin to go with my coffee, this time.

The coffee was very good. Now I know which to order, having given their house brew a not-so-good rating before. The chicken pie was sold out... boo! Now I am really craving for it. Now I know I will make another visit soon. Now I know which coffee to order.

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