24 November 2010

Luxe -- a cafe!

Did you know that "Luxe" -- that metal signage on dark wood background along Shaw Boulevard -- is Goldilocks Bakeshop's cafe? I didn't.

Work found me somewhere near there with about half an hour to waste before my husband would arrive to pick me up. I thought I'd get a slice of Egg Pie, one of my comfort food faves, while I wait. In the brightly fluorescent-lit canteen-like bustling shop, I wondered if they had coffee to go with the pastry. The lady at the counter helpfully suggested trying their "gourmet" coffee next door. Wha???

Only briefly noticing the signage as I approached, I thought it was some condo sales office/showroom. And since parked cars blocked part of their sign (the part that mentions, "by Goldilocks) and huge window showcasing fondant cakes and petit fours, you can't blame me for my ignorance. 

So, in I went, happy to be allowed to take my plastic-wrapped slice of Egg Pie with me, and ordered a cup of coffee. I appreciated waiting in the warmly-lit, comfort of the smaller but definitely more posh place, with a counter of mini cheesecakes, mamon cakes (but, of course!), petit-fours, candied nuts and fancy boxes tempting me. It was a nice respite from the traffic noise of Shaw Boulevard and a better place to hang out than the bigger one next door. I got my hot cup of brew, straight from an espresso machine into... a styro cup with matching packets of Goldilocks-branded sugar and creamer. Awww. They should've gone posh all the way. 

All in all, I was happy with my beverage and grateful to be allowed to enjoy it with my yummy as ever slice of egg pie. Oh, don't forget, I got a fork to eat it from the plastic package with -- posh.

Now I know. http://www.luxebygoldilocks.com.ph/index.php/about_us

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