13 December 2010

18 Days Robusta Coffee

I saw a Bote Central booth at a recent visit to the weekend food fest  Mercato Centrale. Highly recommended by the market's organizers, Bote Central is the group behind the much-hyped and highly-priced Coffee Alamid. Although I curiously browsed their display of the beans, as "discarded" by the Civet,and politely listened to them talk about the process, I was still unconvinced Alamid coffee would enhance my life. 

But... I was delighted to discover their 18 Days Coffee.  The beans are roasted and ground on a certain date, then you have to consume it within -- you guessed it, 18 DAYS. This ensures you have the beverage at its best. They come in small packs once ground, perhaps to discourage overstocking. I tried a cup of the Robusta variant on the spot, and loved it.

I brought home a pack to use on my drip-style coffee maker, wondering why they instructed to use a teaspoon per cup. True enough, my brew was too light and watery.  I took it up on my next weekend visit at Mercato and was told that the ratio was not meant for drip type coffee makers, which I use more often at home. Ok. Got it... and got another pack while I was there. 

I'm now on my second pack, which is actually going fast. I'm not sorry I bought it, especially since it doesn't cost that much. Can't wait for Mercato Centrale to go back to business in January 2011.

note:  Bote Central no longer takes part in the weekend market. Their coffee can be savored and/or purchased at the Alamid Cafe Xpress inside R.O.X. at the Bonifacio Hi Street.

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