19 August 2015

Americanos and Pourovers at Craft Katipunan

Another Throwback.

The mother of the Third Wave specialty coffee in the Philippines (as we know it) spawned another baby. I was told, during one of my visits at Yardstick, that Craft was opening a branch in my neighborhood. What a treat! I was at that time, really tired of the bitter versions of some cafes in the area and the only options at that time - Starbucks and Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf.  Craft Katipunan's opening was something I looked forward to. This was over a year ago.

Above street level, along Esteban Abada Street, Loyola Heights,
known as the Katipunan Area.
On that first visit, my sister and I waited for the doors to open one morning - we were that eager. The style of their interiors was a new thing then, but every other coffee or all-day breakfast or comfort food restaurant that opened soon after adapted that 'pinterest-y' vibe. Not that I grew tired of it, because it works. 
We were the first customers that day. This pallet wall now holds a variety of art works by several new or independent artists.

One page of Craft Katipunan's coffee list.

We were so excited to try their coffee, of course (never having been to Craft Revolution yet then. A crime, I know). The list was extensive, but I decided to go for my favorite pourover, and picked the Brazil Yellow Bourbon. Then another after that - the Ethiopian Yirgacheffe (which became a favorite in my successive visits).

Since it was relatively early (like an hour from lunch), we were so relieved to know that they also served food. Not just cakes and pastries, but a selection of hot food.

They have an extensive food menu, too.

On my second cup. Obviously happy with our brunch.
At that time, I decided - I love Craft Katipunan and I had better run to the mothership and check it out.

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