15 April 2010

Tokyo Cafe

For me, if a restaurant has the word "cafe" in its name, it has to have coffee. Good coffee, at the very least. Even if they've added the word to mean casual dining or to communicate the "diner" experience.

Although not the highlight of their menu (get ready, they don't serve traditional Japanese food) -- good chicken, steaks, pasta, pizza (they have salmon for the last 2, yes!), salads, and sandwiches -- Tokyo Cafe does have coffee. Very good coffee. I love eating at a restaurant that gives diners the added pleasure of staying in an extra half hour to cap a meal with their own house brew. Imagine how much nicer if they have a list of coffees! It's become a habit to move to another venue for coffee, but I give an extra star for those that proudly offer their own good brew in the menu. In the case of Tokyo Cafe, they really should, anyway.

They have other variants, but I've only tried the three brewed coffees: Tokyo Blend, a sweet and "mild" brew, their "sour-ish" House Blend, and their strong Sumibi Yaki, all very good, which makes me always wish they offered refills. Just like their food, the coffee is not cheap at P89.00, but considering you won't need to line up and order a more expensive cup at the nearest popular coffee stop, it's not too bad.
It wouldn't be my usual choice, but instead of a cup of brew, one can opt to end a meal with a light coffee dessert -- i.e., coffee in some other form. Refreshing and light, their cold coffee jelly is served topped with whipped cream. 

Have that after their big servings of their entrees, and have the same buzz as a cup of freshly brewed coffee... if something cold is what gives you comfort after a meal. Not bad, at P38.

I've only eaten in their branch at The Venice Piazza, McKinley Hill, at the Fort, but I've seen them sprouting up in restaurant clusters and malls. I have had no regrets, so far. 

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